Bike Experience is a simple, two-step programme to accompany Brussels citizens towards hassle-free city travels. The team helps participants switch to cycling for their everyday trips in the city through training and peer-to-peer coaching

The mission: Reassure and care.

The website has been developed with simplicity and care for the details in mind. We wanted the visitors to feel comfortable and reassured so that they will easily convert into participants.

Our attitude :

user-first / conversion-second / make-it-easy / have-fun-doing-it.

Action plan :

First and foremost, we decided to demonstrate how much we cared for our users by paying a lot of attention to every single detail of the User eXperience. The registration was designed as to be a pleasant and reassuring experience.

Results - See for yourself

Go on Bike Experience and see how they can bring joy to your journeys ;-)

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