In 2014, the government launched 'Le Pacte d’Excellence', a long-term transformation program aiming at improving the quality of education in the french-speaking part of Belgium. From the start, there was a strong will to make this process participatory.

The mission: Recruit 1000 citizens

To create a meaningful participatory process, you want a large number of participants, citizens and professionals, that bring a great diversity of perspectives around the table. In this case, we have been appointed by the Ministry of Education and Atanor (an independent participatory process operator) to recruit 1000 participants altogether distributed over 14 events.

Attitude: Open democracy

Transparency, inclusiveness, openness … and a tad of fun.

Action plan: Growth Hacking

Make choices, set priorities, define a clear and simple call-to-action. / Translate the discourse into a positive and active language that is adapted to the audience. ( “A Nous de Jouer”, “We are invited to build tomorrow’s school”, “citizen consultation”, … ) / Develop a recruitment micro-site that demonstrates transparency (What do I signup for and how will my input be used?) and frictionless (The registration process takes 2 minutes). / Activate the social networks and identify existing relays & ambassadors. / Use of digital communication and a Facebook ads as an acceleration lever.


Over 1300 people (citizens and teachers) registered to the 14 events One report describing priorities was submitted to the Minisitry Over 70 best practices have been shared by teachers to propose practical solutions to concrete problems that have been developed in the field.

Exceptional fact

Based on this experience, the ministry of education is looking for solutions to make participatory an integral part of governance.

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